With an increasing number of conversions coming?through a user on a mobile device it?s important to make sure your site makes the most of that format. AdWords extensions are a fantastic way of making specific pieces of information easily available for a user, whether it be your address or phone number. On mobile, the easier is most certainly the better.

With AdWords new price extensions, advertisers?are able to showcase their best products and services as a way to entice clicks and traffic. So, what are they and how does it work? Well, we?re here to run you through the basics of it.

What Are AdWords Price Extensions?

AdWords price extensions are your chance to show consumers what you can offer before they?ve even clicked on your ad. They show as multiple rows below the link to your site, with the name of the product and price clearly displayed for a consumer to see. Each row will also take consumers to the relevant landing page and ultimately makes it easier for them to decide whether they are interested in your products or services.

Mobile phone showing search results and adwords new price extensions feature

AdWords Price Extensions Example

Why Should You Use Them?

As an advertiser, this feature will save you money and improve your Click-through rate. With a clear list of your best offers, this allows Google to qualify a user before they click, therefore saving you money in relation to CPC.

As it currently stands, only the top advertiser will benefit from price extensions, so you?re going to have to fork out a wad of cash to get up there. However, Google does suggest that whilst CPCs will be higher, the volume of clicks you achieve could increase with an extension placement.

How To Get Started

You can use the Ad extensions tab to manage, schedule and report on price extensions. Firstly, you must choose a type of price extension from the options provided by AdWords; whether this be Brands, Products, Services or anything else. After that, you need to select the currency you want your prices displayed.

Once you?ve done this, you need to set the structured information of your price extension. This includes a header, description, price and URL.

For time-sensitive offers like promotions and sporting events, you can create multiple price extensions with corresponding start and end dates to ensure your prices remain accurate.

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